Laughter Coaching

Laughter Life Coaching unites the traditional life coaching practice of assisting clients to identify and achieve goals with the life changing benefits of laughter.

Over the phone, by Skype, or in person, Jody Ross works with clients one-on-one to transform good lives into great lives. With this playful, action-driven approach, clients flourish and experience their wildest imaginings in even the most confounding areas of life, such as personal relationships, romance, work, creativity, passion, and spirituality. Amazingly, the grounding and uplifting practice of unconditional laughter brings swift and lasting results.

Jody received her Certified Laughter Life Coach training from the Levity Institute.

To learn more or schedule a free introductory session, contact Jody Ross at 612-708 0927 or by email.

What others are saying about Jody:

Jody combines a sharp-insightful wisdom with a warm-friendly-witty presence. Her strength as a professional is grounded in having truly walked the walk in a way that inspires others to make leaps both subtle and profound. She has a special gift for connecting deeply with others, engendering both courage and confidence in her clients. Working with Jody is truly a joy and a privilege. Rebecca Foster, Providence, RI

I highly recommend Jody as a coach! She is adept at hearing what you are saying or not saying and asking the right question or leading you through a powerful Laughter Exercise to unlock the gates to our inner wisdom. Katie West, founder, The Levity Institute